Little Glen Equestrian Team


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Little Glen Stables offers an Equestrian Team for Middle School and High School riders from beginner riders to advanced riders.  Little Glen Equestrian Team participates in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) from August-May.  These riders are given the opportunity to participate in a team sanctioned horse show event that is low cost with big opportunities.  Scholarships are offered at the end of the year to participating students in efforts to encourage riders to progress from the scholastic level to the collegiate level of riding.  The Middle School Team consists of riders in Grades 6-8, and the High School Team consists of riders in Grades 9-12. LGET also offers a Junior Team for riders in 5th grade and below to mentor them into the Middle/High School Equestrian Team. All levels of riders are accepted on the equestrian team.  At the beginning of the school year, each team starts with a goal of accumulated team points to qualify the team for Regionals held in March.  The top teams from Regionals progress forward and compete at Zone Finals and onto National Championships. Each rider completes individually as well as with the team to accumulate points to progress forward to Regionals, Zones and Nationals.  Riders will complete on the flat and/or over fences on unfamiliar horses that are randomly chosen for them by drawing a horse from a hat. Each team hosts or helps host one to two horse shows throughout the season.  Little Glen Equestrian Team starts our official season in August and ends in May following National Championships. The team does continue to practice and participate in team activities year round allowing riders to continue to progress forward and reach their goals individually and on the team.  Our riders come from all over Northeast Ohio.  We offer many different practice options to accommodate riders schedules. 


The Interscholastic Equestrian Association was established in 2002 to provide young riders the opportunity to ride in competition even if they do not own a horse. The riders are split into divisions and levels based on their level of riding. IEA has become very popular over the past years. By the end of the 2007-2008 membership year IEA had over 1600 members and more than 200 teams from across the country. Over 300 of those members competed in the 2008 National Finals at which more than $125,000 of scholarship money was granted to IEA riders.  Our IEA team trains out of Little Glen Stables and travels to numerous local competitions and regional, zone and national finals. Coach Jenna has trained riders to move on to the national levels.   If you are interested in joining our equestrian team, please contact Coach Jenna Hoy at 440-477-4825.