Little Glen Equestrian Team


About Little Glen Equestrian Team

Little Glen Equestrian Team rides out of our home barn Little Glen Stables in Chardon, Ohio.  Little Glen Stables is a full service boarding, lesson and training facility specializing in Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation. Located on over 800 acres of land, Little Glen Stables offers a wide range of services including lessons, training and boarding.  We offer lessons from the beginner riding levels through advanced competitive riders.  We have a large range of lesson horses and ponies to build confidence and challenge our riders. Our equestrian team takes weekly lessons and attends weekly practices that are designed to prepare our team riders to become more familiar with different horses, strong flatwork, jumping courses, and working as a team.  Practices are held at different times during the week to accomadate for riders schedules.  Practices are offered in small groups to maximize riding time and opportunity to switch horses during practices.  Each rider will have the opportunity to ride multiple horses during each practice to further their skill levels on different horses.  We work hard to prepare all of our riders to be able to ride every type of horse before the enter the IEA show ring. Practices are designed to give team riders the opportunity to learn to ride different horses, strengthen equitation flatwork, perfect equitation riding tests, and complete challenging jumping courses. Little Glen Equestrian Team is low cost and is for the equestrian riders that may not have their own horse, but would like to compete on the flat or over fences.  IEA is a great way to better your riding skills and abilities to ride other horses.  We strive to produce young riders that are effective and elegant. We produce Regional, Zone and National Champions.  Come join Little Glen Equestrian Team and become part of our team of skillful riders. With our prime location in Northeast Ohio, our team competes in Zone 5 Region 1 and has the luxury of competing at local venues and the option of traveling to away horse shows.